Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 8...Liz

Ok, first things first - I am relieved to say that no unconscious men were found laying anywhere on/around our walking path this week... so yay for that!  Now let's see...the last entry had Jess and I walking on a nearby trail and enjoying some nice scenery and a soft walking path.  I didn't think anything of our walk as it was done without any difficulty.  What I didn't realize at the time is how much my body (and most importantly my legs) had become used to the routine of our walks.  So much so that even the small change from pavement to trails made a huge impact!  Over the two to three days following our trail walk my legs felt stiff and heavy and though they did not hurt, it was certainly uncomfortable to feel my muscles contract & release with every step that I took...(um, could I please just stop for a second and acknowledge the fact that I'm writing about my muscles?...that's right, I have muscles!!!  Insert high pitched squeak here...!)  Anyway, this made Wednesday's walk challenging and by the time I felt really warmed up the walk was already over!

Due to various reasons & scheduling conflicts, Jess and I did not walk together on Thursday and Saturday.  Thursday was no problem, I got out there and just did it...but by Saturday I was physically exhausted from a long week and a long Friday night trip to Disneyland.  By Saturday afternoon, I had my self convinced that walking on Saturday was just not meant to be...and boy did I have excuses!  I too many things to do, I was too tired and darn it, I deserved a day off from walking...right?!  So by now you see where this is going...and yes, I admit that I ended up sitting on my couch, turning on the TV on and veggin' for a while.  I tried to relax, really I did...but I just couldn't ignore that nagging guilty feeling that kept telling me the truth of the matter was that I was just being lazy.  It nagged and nagged until I realized I wouldn't be able to relax until I got my bottom up from the couch and walked the required distance.  Sigh.  Then I had an epiphany:  I must be truly dedidated as only true dedication made me get up from my couch.  So there you have moment of weakness.

Anyway, overall, the week was good and I'm still reveling on the fact that as of yesterday we have completed month 2!  So in summary, my thoughts as we wrap up the second month are that...

  • I'm still excited about this
  • I'm enjoying all the exercise
  • I love my muscles...and boy oh boy, do I have some now!  
  • Training has gone so fast!  Too fast!
  • I'm starting to think beyond March 2010...this may possibly turn into a lifestyle change!
Finally, before I go, I need to acknowledge my silent partner in all of this as he reads the blog too - my baby, my Danny.  All this training has required adjustments and some sacrifices and it really wouldn't be possible if Danny was not such a great, flexible kid.  He's been there on the hot days, on the cold and most recently walked the six mile distance with us with no complaints.  So thank you love,  I'm doing this as much for you as I'm doing it for me.

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