Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 7...Liz

Welcome back to another episode of "As the World Turns...Marathon Edition."  In this episode, our heroines find a random man sleeping/passed out on the sidewalk holding a pink stuffed bunny as they drive to their walking destination. Once again, they spring into action and call emergency services to report what they found.  What else will they find on their path to fitness?  Tune in next week for more exciting adventures on "As the World Turns..."

Hahaha...Ok, having a little fun there with this week's update, but it's all true!  Though by the latest incident of what I'm referring to as the "pink bunny" incident, I'm starting to wonder if we haven't crossed over to the Twilight Zone.  I mean, what are the chances?!  Two passed out men in two weeks?  This time around when I called emergency services the man was much more helpful and when he asked me for a description, I left out the pink bunny part because I was afraid he would not take me seriously.

Anyway, things are still crazy busy and I must admit to having a meltdown mid week partly because I felt so overwhelmed.  Listen, I'm used to being busy and generally I have energy to spare.  Friends have fondly compared me to the energizer bunny and such so that tells you something...but trying to fit in training is intense.  This week was specially challenging in many different ways, partly because I had to travel to Sacramento for work making my already busy schedule even busier.  Then there was the weather which can't make up its mind about what to be.  First there was the rain...which threw a wrench into our walking plans.  We managed to walk for a while which was great and we even enjoyed the soft misty feel of the light sprinkle of rain as we walked.  However, it had rained much harder before and the ground was wet and becoming slippery so when I slipped and almost fell, we decided to call it a day.  Then Mr. Sun decided to make an appearance in full force the next few days and with it brought low 90s temperatures!  Needless to say though, obstacles were overcome and we continued with our week.  On Saturday Jess and I had to adjust to walking individually because of conflicting schedules and surprisingly that went well.  I actually shaved quite a bit of our time and I think it was partly because I was rocking out with my iPod and there was no chatter so I focused on the walk.  When I mentioned this to Jess we decided to try walking together soon with our iPods and keep the conversation light so we can focus on our time.

Now, as I'd mentioned last week, we went on a trail on Sunday and walked.  I have to admit that I was quite nervous about it since the last time I tried walking on a non paved surface my recently fractured ankle did not like it.  However, I'm glad to report that the walk on the trail was a great success.  Sure, the terrain was uneven but it was easier somehow...Jess and I think it was because the ground is much softer so that even when we had to go up slight inclines it was easy which in turn meant we walked faster!  The walk was also great because of the beautiful setting, we enjoyed being out there...being one with nature!  Well, that is until a squirrel jumped out and scared the stuffing out Jess...oh and when we got caught in a spider web or two!  Or when something dropped on my head and I was sure it was a giant spider on my head but it turned out to be a leaf.  Yeah, those moments... not so fun...but we can now laugh at the silliness of it all.  :)  Ah... good times.

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