Monday, October 12, 2009

week 6...Liz

The more we walk, the more I think a more appropriate name for our blog would have been "As the World Turns," you know after that daily soap opera.  It seems that every time we walk, we witness some type of dramatic event unfolding.  For example, in the time we've been walking we've seen...
  • 2 3-car accidents on the corner of our park.
  • 1 arrest
  • Teen agers sneaking into skimpier clothing at the park
  • What we suspect may be an illicit love affair (actually more than one... seems to be a hot spot...)
  • A married man dropping off what we suspect was a "lady of the night" at the freeway entrance...
  • An unconscious man right around the corner of a liquor store (I called emergency services & they came, sirens blaring...)
You'd think we live in the ghetto with all this activity right?  In reality, this is all happening in Cerritos, a really nice and generally safe neighborhood.  Makes you think about what may be happening in the not so nice areas huh?  What's more important though is that all of this makes you think.  We get so wrapped up in our own lives that we don't notice what's happening around us and walking gives us the opportunity to take it all in.  At least for me, it also helps me put it all in perspective.

Anyway, back to walking...this week was...interesting!  We started the week walking with 3 walking buddies under the age of 12, Alyssia, Ash & Danny.  It was a light hearted walk, full of Twilight talk, silly songs (the "gummy bear song" was a hit and it included a silly dance which you know I had to shake my "groove thang" to Jessica's amusement or horror, still not sure...hehehe) and lots and lots of laughter.  It was a nice start to the week and the rest went well, except for Friday where I could not get fully going and after a small facilities break lagged behind Jessica for the rest of the walk.  Sunday we had to great creative as our walk was cut short by Danny and his need to use the facilities which happened to be closed.  So we headed over to Target to use their facilities and then finished the rest of our walk around the neighborhood.

Our walking schedule has been modified to fit our various commitments through out the week..and for the next few weeks there are many.  I can only speak for me but I think I'm handling the variances to the schedule much better.  The key for me has really been mental preparation so as long as I can wrap my mind around it, I'm fine.  Now, as I finish this entry, the thought that we've been doing this now for a month and a half just struck me!  We're heading for the two month mark!!!...and Jess and I discussed trying out hills next, my ankle feels much better so I'm looking forward to trying those out and giving my muscles a good work out!  Speaking of muscles... can I just say how great it is to have my leg muscles back?!  To see the definition of them is such a kick!  (Pardon the pun...)  Love it!!  Until next time... :)

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