Monday, August 31, 2009

The night before it begins..Liz

On the eve before our first official Catalina Marathon training day, two thoughts are percolating in my head, in no particular order of importance.

#1 Why are we doing this again? The main reason is for our health, we both have kids and this adventure will reap tremendous health benefits that our kiddos will enjoy. However, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the idea of fitting into a nice pair of jeans is too appealing to ignore!

#2 Are we crazy? Short answer yes, but so what? If I think about it, this is very typical of me so it really shouldn't be a surprise. I'm impulsive and it's not the first time that I just dive into things! Sometimes you have to be a little crazy in life and just do things. I've spent enough time in my life just talking about doing things... it's time for a little action!

So tomorrow is the first day and I want to remember how I feel right now: excited, hopeful and energetic..I can't wait!

The beginning of our adventure

Hi! Welcome to Walking Away With Ourselves! The purpose of this blog is to document our journey as we train to walk the Catalina Marathon in March of 2010. . . let's get the five w's (and how!) out of the way, shall we?

Who - Liz and Jessica. We are friends that live in sunny southern california. We are both moms, Liz to a 9 year old boy, and Jessica to a 16 month old girl and a 2 month old son.

What - The Catalina Marathon! Walking 26.2 miles in 8 hours!

When - March 13, 2010

Where - On trails over the gorgeous island of Santa Catalina located 26 miles off the coast of Southern California:

(Avalon Harbor)
Breathtaking, huh?

Why - There are so many reasons! One of the most important ones is because we both want to be more healthy. Picking the goal of walking a marathon makes us committed to training, deciding to do it together makes us accountable to each other, and choosing to blog about our training makes us accountable to our families and anyone else who decides to read our blog. We are both so excited about committing to this goal, it's a really big deal for us to walk a marathon as neither of us has any experience in this sort of thing. We will be so proud of ourselves when we cross that finish line!

How - We found a great website: that has awesome training schedules. We are using the one for beginning walkers, it has 24 weeks of training, and we have 28 weeks before the Catalina Marathon, so Liz is putting together an extended calendar for us. We basically have 4 days of walking (Saturdays are distance days!) and one day of cross training a week.

As we begin training both Liz and I will be posting about our journey, we hope that you will follow us through this exciting adventure!

- Jessica