Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 1...Liz

I am happy to report that our first official week of our marathon training is done! Woo hoo! I've decided that the best way for me to tackle this is to celebrate small accomplishments on a weekly basis instead of focusing on accomplishing the ultimate result which is still 27 weeks away. This way, I will feel like I'm accomplishing more even though it's all part of the same goal.

The weekly goal was to walk 12 miles for the week and darn it - we did just that! Can you believe it? You know the funny thing is that it really wasn't so bad. If I was to use one word to describe my first week, it would be surprising.

  • Surprising because day one (3 miles) was easy...we actually walked more than we needed to by accident, oops!

  • Surprising because on day two (2 miles) there was virtually no discomfort from the previous days walk and it was a breeze.

  • Surprising because day three (3 miles) was rough (lack of sleep and food affected my readiness for my walk, totally my fault...) and I still got out there and finished the walk.

  • Surprising because I missed walking on Friday (an official rest day).

  • Surprising because I have all this extra energy!

  • Surprising because on day four (4 miles) I actually got up early to walk (hey 6:30am. is early for me!). I was not cranky (not a morning person at all) and instead was hyper AND the walk was pretty easy!

Weird huh? Needless to say, though this week was full of good stuff, a few things to consider/remember for the coming weeks:

  • Can't forget to eat my snack prior to walking or my energy level drops dramatically.

  • Need to get more sleep... my usual midnight+ bedtime is not going to cut it. Today is the exception because we were at the fair all day and I'm way too wired to sleep.

  • Always carry band aids on our walks!

  • Don't stop walking for any reason! (well for now anyway...) We made a small stop and it was enough to make it very difficult to pick up the pace again and my feet hurt after.

Time to focus on week two now, mentally preparing my self for each step has been key to the success so far. Still excited and very much proud of us...yay!

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